Re-launching in Early 2023 (as Bright Age Beyond)

A quick update. I have been focusing on book writing and research, and my policy work with DiEM25. I will update you on that another time. Though I have continued conducting interviews, I haven’t uploaded any material in 5 months. Nor have I uploaded any model summaries and such. That will change soon because After The Oligarchy will be re-launching in 2023 as Bright Age Beyond.

This re-launched project will include:

  • A new podcast, available on podcast platforms.
  • Two YouTube channels (one for the podcast, one for more visual and didactic content).
  • An improved website.
  • A Patreon.
  • Most importantly: consistent material.

You will see this new name creep in before the re-launch, for example on Twitter. The domain is already active. When the re-launch actually happens, you’ll know. I’ll keep you informed.

2022 has been an interesting test year. I’m looking forward to 2023.


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