The Old Civilization in Crisis

Let’s face it: humanity is in terminal crisis. As Earth System collapse accelerates, new fascisms and technocracies are rising on a planet strewn with nuclear warheads. Wealth accumulates apace in a global oligarchy with unprecedented power, while their cameras, algorithms, and robots, monitor and control us sleeplessly.

We are living through the end of human civilization and the beginning of a new Dark Age.

Earth is ruled by an Oligarchy.

A tiny super-wealthy minority.

They direct global capitalism, international institutions, and nation states.

They are not lizard people.

They are the winners of an impersonal class competition.

As society economically and politically polarizes, as the biosphere disintegrates, they are preparing to maintain their rule over an Apocalypse Earth.

The crises we face cannot be overcome within the current system, where the vast majority have little control over their own lives. The centre cannot hold.

The choice is stark and urgent


A society where everything is owned by a tiny minority which holds the rest of the population in permanent debt servitude.

Democratic Socialism

A society where the common people govern themselves and hold the means of life in common ownership.

Biosphere Breakdown

A planet with cascading ecosystem collapse, encroaching coastlines, uninhabitable zones, drought, crop failure, and natural disasters.

Ecological Regeneration

A planet where humans steward the biosphere, achieving a high quality of life for all while respecting planetary boundaries.

The 21st century will be an epic struggle.

But crisis is not inscribed in human DNA.

We can change this social system.

We must dare to study, discuss, and invent the next era.

We must dare to imagine a future after the oligarchy.

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